First things First, She is a knucklehead from Visakhapatnam who falls in love every day with the sunset and also

with the beach. Ficke minded hopeless romantic. Hates rains because she thinks they are depressing.

There were times when we found her cozying up under the blanket all day. On a lighter note, she doesn’t like sharing her food.

She hopes to see herself as a food and movie connoisseur, someday!

When someone asks her “what kind of person are you?” , this is what she would love to answer as, one happy positive soul who sometimes fails miserably in managing her super lazy unpredictably emotional short tempered idiotic attitude otherwise a wonderful company.

personality: ENFJ personality

She considers herself as a woman with high self-respect, an excitable creature who is always open and up for anything that fascinates her.

Food is her first and last love. Music is her soul mate.

She started “Writing” because it keeps her mind calm and content. These are just her feelings that make her think that may help someone somewhere.

Now, this is her first step towards blogging. Please be kind to her. She’d appreciate if someone corrects her Grammar or suggest her on anything that can make her blog better and fabulous.

Here is where she can connect with you:  regina94phalange@gmail.com

Her ultimate goal in writing this is to give you all and herself a set of goooood positive vibes.

She’s nice to nice people and even ‘nicer’ to those who’re not.

Have a wonderful day, You!



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