Feels like I just woke up…

"People who are really really passionate will stay. Will always stay. The catfishers will move out. Same with writers, engineers, and everyone else." Said this friend I was talking to on what's app a week back about temporary influencers/attention seekers and fads on social media with respect to various creative interests. It hit me hard,... Continue Reading →

We are meant for each other! Heart-u

Why do I love what I love! I wish I were good at what I have always loved, I've been dreaming about it since forever and now that I'm failing and falling, life seems unfair, there's love & there's pain, they said when I listen to my favourite song and that says "You gave me... Continue Reading →

That Sunday evening…

It's a nice Sunday Bangalore evening, not too humid or hot enough to sweat but yeah, the cool breeze just every now and then enough to let me walk around on the terrace stopping me from going back downstairs. I was just listening to some music and then suddenly this song by Bee Gees, "Stayin... Continue Reading →


It is one of those hot summer afternoons, not the one where you feel like having a cold freezing ice cream but the kind where you feel like taking a long purgative puff of that cigarette under a tree speculating about everything that's happening in life, but here I am, since certain choices aren't that... Continue Reading →


It was 1:47AM, just another Thursday morning or Wednesday night, I don't know, couldn't care any lesser. After all my arguments today with that adamant financial management and stubborn accounting principles(MBA, Duh!) I decide on sleeping early totally forgetting the fact that my comforter isn't so comfortable anymore, also that one thing I've always hated... Continue Reading →

She thinks she’s no good..

she can't stay mad at people for so long, she's cursed everyone said in a world where everyone holds grudges for nothing, she's the kind of woman who'll smile at her sworn enemy on her worst day, she's got so much love in her heart there's no room for bitterness, she keeps giving it to... Continue Reading →

Pandora’s box

Dusky, not so tall and aesthetically tanned, all those curves, that tiny birthmark right behind his left ear, fine brown eyes which always looked anxious and sharp, definitely that five-centimeter smile, his literary work was just like him, raw and serene! oh my! the kinda verse he weaves around his thoughts using all those words... Continue Reading →


I don't write poetry, cuz I find myself looking for rhyme and rhythm in something that's barren and pretentious, I don't think of you, cuz it reminds of my darkness and desires, I stay away from smog but close to fire, cuz now I found new addictions which are outrageously ruining me in a good... Continue Reading →


I've always been a daddy's girl, right from childhood cuz he never said no to anything I've ever asked. well, at least to most of the things. and Yes, I was so close to hating you and not to forget all those arguments and fights we used to have when at home when puberty was... Continue Reading →


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