Pandora’s box

Dusky, not so tall and aesthetically tanned, all those curves, that tiny birthmark right behind his left ear, fine brown eyes which always looked anxious and sharp, definitely that five-centimeter smile, his literary work was just like him, raw and serene! oh my! the kinda verse he weaves around his thoughts using all those words... Continue Reading →



I don't write poetry, cuz I find myself looking for rhyme and rhythm in something that's barren and pretentious, I don't think of you, cuz it reminds of my darkness and desires, I stay away from smog but close to fire, cuz now I found new addictions which are outrageously ruining me in a good... Continue Reading →


I've always been a daddy's girl, right from childhood cuz he never said no to anything I've ever asked. well, at least to most of the things. and Yes, I was so close to hating you and not to forget all those arguments and fights we used to have when at home when puberty was... Continue Reading →


I want no deadlines, in life, at work, I want to live writing stories, while making some, some December evening, I sit there, on that empty bed with stains on the sheet, I look plain and lost, Reminds me of the time he cooked his first ever french toast, I tell him, it didn't taste... Continue Reading →


We haven't met once but we understand a bit of each other,  we share excerpts from our journals, that's how, you say I lack rationale, I sense you're emotionless, we still keep sharing those little pieces of our minds, every now and then, cuz you want to see how my emotions unfold on paper, and... Continue Reading →

I have something to say…

Everything's changing! Yes, It's overwhelming and neutral at the same time. I feel so different. You ask me why? Because everyone's talking, about things which were buried inside our lives. about things which we thought are never good enough or safe enough to talk. Gender Equality! #QueerArt MeToo Campaign! #TimesUp Depression Survivors! #MeToo I'm amazed.... Continue Reading →

Last time I thought of writing something good and fancy I couldn't.  Because it's all mayhem around.  This time I sit by the window on a drizzly day in solitude which ideally is the perfect ambience and then try writing something good,  Again, I couldn't because of all the madness,  This time not around, but in me,  Then I thought, what's this standard of good am... Continue Reading →

Black and white rainbow!

On a rainy day, while I sip my Chai cursing everything that's happening in life just because I hate rain, as i believe it to be responsible for all the dullness it brings with it into you and to everything around where you won't feel like doing that thing you've been procrastinating forever, instead you... Continue Reading →

I chose you, you didn’t.

My phone screen flashed with a notification which said "Message from G" I did not save his full name because may be I thought that is enough, may be I thought I don't have the strength to see his name around me and handle all the memories hitting me like a hail storm. After a... Continue Reading →

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