Tag: Mystery Blogger Award Nomination!

This is so cool and encouraging for us because the first step when I took some time out of my daily boring life to get some interesting perspective of the post is what i found enough brainstorming.

After an year long ride with these fabulous WordPress bloggers, Here i am today, nominated for a mystery blogger award by Naman who is an awesome blogger himself. He calls himself an admirer but not a follower– which i thought is worth mentioning because when someone follows, I believe, In the process they adopt their faults as well.

My favorite excerpt from his writings:

I am scared of the Love and its enormity

that i am inholding but see no-one to embrace it” ❤ 

Do get lost in his poetic world and come back to this post.

Link: Eternal conversations

It sure is worth your time.

About me:

Three things? Well, I’ll give you six.

  1. That fateful day I saw a kid running towards my ice-cream, I ran faster, away from him!
  2. Dog’s life before mine, Any day!
  3. I dig compassion and warmth in people. I believe without these qualities they’re like beer at room temperature– Gross and Tasteless.
  4. I have a very flickering mind– still working to get it stable. Writing is that one thing that keeps my thoughts sorted.
  5. I hope to see myself as a food and movie connoisseur, someday!
  6. I like my Tea with a vanilla muffin and a sunset.

Naman’s Question to me:

Q. If you’re supposed to become an animal, then what animal on this whole planet you would like/choose to become ?!

A. That’s a tough one. But yeah!

I’d love to be a Panda. Those cute creatures. My spirit animal.

Adorable. Lost. Dumb. Careless. Content.

If not, A Dog? may be a Jaguar too?


Now, Nominees!

I’d love for you to spare some time and bring that creative cute self of yours into writing!

Good Luck!




Ajay Vyas

Anup Verma



Questions for you.

  1. What is that one book/movie you think is a must read/watch?
  2. What is your Happy place? 
  3. Are you an emotional person or a rational one? Do you wish to change that?
  4. What is Love to you? A two liner.
  5. “Never tell your problems to anyone, 80% glad you have them, 20% don’t care” What’s your take on this.


Put the award logo/image on your blog.

List the rules.

Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Tell your readers 3 things(facts or anything you want to share) about yourself.

Answer the questions you were asked(if any)

Nominate 10 – 20 people & notify.

Ask your nominees any 5 questions(optional) of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).

Ignore if you’re already nominated by someone else before this.

I see this as an opportunity to know our fellow bloggers better and bring them closer. It fascinates me so much how this piece of technology brings all of us together from various parts of world, encouraging to share our views and ultimately making the world a better and interesting place to breathe in.


Have a wonderful day, you!







2 thoughts on “Tag: Mystery Blogger Award Nomination!

Add yours

  1. Wow..!wow!!wow!!!😇😇I am feeling loved😍😍.. I am!! 😊😊 Thank you so much dear.., this is really so incredible of you to actually quote from one of my write-ups!! I feel honored 💛💛 Six things?? I would had not paused even it were 600 of them😇. I repeat.. I’m so glad to meet you here, and this is where i say i admire the soul and not follow the person he/she might be!!And you’re a soul with golden heart💛. Panda?? A dog?? A jaguar?? 😀😀 You know what?? When we read a person and there is a nascent smile, there we feel connected.. and this is what i felt.💛 Thank you again.. for being you😊😊 💞

    Liked by 2 people

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